Service Project Ideas – knitting /crocheting /sewing 

If you have a talent for knitting, crocheting, and sewing one way you can help others is by making blankets, scarves, and other needed items for different groups, both locally and nationally. If you would like to keep your donations to helping people in your local area, contact area organizations. I recommend contacting ones you … Continue reading Service Project Ideas – knitting /crocheting /sewing 


Recovering from Religion – Volunteer Spotlight 1

One of the places I volunteer with is Recovering from Religion. I started volunteering in March 2015, right at the time they opened their hotline. Through my time there I've met some good people. We build a bond behind the scenes as we figure out how to best serve the people who contact us. It's … Continue reading Recovering from Religion – Volunteer Spotlight 1

Atheists Helping the Homeless – South East Texas Chapter

I like hearing about people's stories of giving. One facet of giving that interests me is when people choose to volunteer in an area that touched their life in some way. I recently had the chance to interview Rob Mcwilliams, the founder of the South East Texas chapter of Atheists Helping the Homeless. He is … Continue reading Atheists Helping the Homeless – South East Texas Chapter

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

If you haven't already find a way to give your time and talent to help others and want to start (or maybe add another way to give) there are many sites available that can help you find a project or organization to work with. If you have a skill that could really support an organization … Continue reading Finding Volunteer Opportunities