One way that people are of service to others is by giving blood. For the most part, it’s an easy process and can sometimes be very quick (unless you’re one of those people with small veins or haven’t been drinking a lot of water. 🙂 ). It is a great way to bring the community together for a good cause.

To begin planning I recommend contacting the blood center closest to you. Each area has an organization that is usually the main group that collects blood for a region. Some areas are covered by the American Red Cross. Other areas have an organization that is separate from the Red Cross. And others have a combination of organizations. Look for one that you feel most comfortable working with. If you are looking for a blood center in your area we recommend searching for “blood donation” and your city name. (I’ve included lists of blood donation centers at the end of this post. One of the lists includes donation centers in countries other than the United States and Canada.)

You will need a place to have the blood drive. If you do not have a business or location that you can easily use for the blood drive contact area businesses, civic organizations, churches, schools, or your local city government. Connecting with these types of groups can be important when working with a blood center as they may prefer to work with groups or businesses that have a set number of possible donors already in place. When connecting with one of these groups be sure to find one that has a large open room to host the blood drive in. The bigger the room the better so that donor interviews can be done in a private and confidentially way.

Find others who would like to help you recruit donors for the event. This group of volunteers publicizes the event in many different ways, either through social media or putting posters up around the community. It’s a great opportunity to reach out to many area organizations to invite them and their members to participate. The group of volunteers organizing the event can also help with getting together snacks for the donors on the day of the event. From the reading I’ve done, many of the blood centers prefer that a group organizing a blood drive also sign people up for specific appointments during the blood drive.

The blood center help you organize your blood drive. For example, the American Red Cross has a dedicated page to help you organize a blood drive. Most organizations will have something with at least some of the same information. Here is the link to the American Red Cross’s planning page. Check out the different sections on the left side to get more details of what is involved when you are working with the Red Cross.


To find a blood center near you to work with, check out these sites.
List of blood donation agencies in the United States –
List of blood donation agencies in different countries –
American Red Cross –
Blood Centers of America –
America’s Blood Centers –
United Blood Services –


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