Because of the great story featured from a volunteer with Ramping 4 Reason I thought I’d share some information I’ve found on the internet about building ramps and doing other home repairs for people. I do not have the experience building so you will need to contact the organizations in your area that to see if they train volunteers. Some may train, but some may be looking for people who have building experience.

This site has links to different organizations throughout the United States and Canada who help people get ramps for their home. The site even includes resources on how to build a ramp, among other things.

Here is a list of services for the elderly to have work done on their homes.

Rebuild Together – There are affiliates around the United States. There are ways for businesses to become involved as a partner (“Partner with Us” tab at the top left). People can also volunteer with them by clicking on this link:
The main site is

Habitat for Humanity Repair Corps  – These projects through Habitat for Humanity that focuses on Veterans and their families. To find a build near you scroll to the bottom of this page to the section called “Take the next step”.
You can also find other volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity here:



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