This blog journey has been an awesome experience. I have always enjoyed hearing stories from people who are givers. I like that I am able to share their stories with the world. This next story comes from Gary Angel, in Denver, Colorado. He is a leader the Denver chapter of Atheists Helping the Homeless. Here is his story.

by Gary Angel

I’m a single father of four boys, and I’m also aide and attendant for a disabled veteran. I spend most of my time at home, and when I’m not needed in an aide capacity, I’m either advocating for my oldest son’s mental health issues, or my second oldest son’s special needs issues due to microcephaly. My other two boys thankfully do not have issues that require that level of advocacy. I own the Facebook page, “Godless”, created in 2013 and just recently surpassed 150K fans. I love that it’s a place where atheists can feel free to openly discuss secular topics. I also admin “Atheist Jesus Resurrected”, “Nerdy Space”, “I Love Video Games”, and my big page, “Rants and Giggles”.

Gary Angel 🙂

I’ve volunteered here and there for different things in the past, but never as much as I do with Atheists Helping the Homeless. What I like the most about the AHH group is it’s completely voluntary, and runs completely off of item donations. There’s no tax-exempt paperwork type of stuff going on. There’s no money being received by any chapters. Our volunteers go to the flea markets, swap meets, or utilize Facebook pages for each chapter to reach out to people for donations of items through online services like Amazon.

Other than AHH, I’ve been doing volunteer work at my two youngest sons’ elementary school, helping set up events, meetings, fundraising, etc.

I can’t really nail down one specific experience while volunteering that really leaps out at me as any sort of defining moment, and I really don’t have any one reason for doing what I do. It’s like that movie, “Robots”; See a need, fill a need. (Lol, you can tell I’m a parent from that comment)


To learn more about AHH, people can search for the Atheists​ Helping the Homeless volunteers group on Facebook, and we’ll be happy to help them set up a chapter, or help them get in touch with one in their area.

It was a pleasure getting to know Gary and learning why he gives. If you have a story of how you give, please contact me at I look forward to sharing more stories of secular people giving.

To learn more about Atheists Helping the Homeless check out the list below of the chapters around the country and around the world. Each chapter has its own page and Amazon wishlist. None of the organizations are tax exempt and never take money. Only donations of items.

If there is not a chapter in your area and you would like to start one, contact someone from any of the chapters and they will be able to help you set up your group.

Atheists Helping the Homeless Atlanta
Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless
Atheists Helping the Homeless Charlotte
Atheists Helping the Homeless Chattanooga
Atheists Helping the Homeless Columbia
Atheists Helping the Homeless Denver
Atheists Helping the Homeless – Houston
Atheists Helping the Homeless Indianapolis
Atheists Helping the Homeless Kalamazoo
Atheists Helping the Homeless Los Angeles
Atheists Helping the Homeless Modesto
Atheists Helping the Homeless Phoenix
Atheists Helping the Homeless San Francisco
Atheists Helping the Homeless-San Antonio
South East Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless
Atheists Helping the Homeless St. Louis


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